Sharp Intercontinental Shipping also deals with extra-large vehicle shipping which is a method slightly different from container shipping. For this type of vehicles it is absolutely necessary to know the exact dimensions in order to be able to choose the best shipping method and the most convenient rates.

For exceptional situations when the vehicle is way too large or too high and doesn’t fit in one of our containers, we project manage it. That means that we use either Break-Bulk method or Project Cargo. This last type of transportation refers to a more complex process. The extra-large vehicles are impossible to be roll on the deck of a ship, so RoRo method is out of discussion too. But as we have encountered special situations as well, we know what to do. In this case we load the vehicle across multiple flatracks and secure it properly to avoid any damage or risk. At Sharp Intercontinental Shipping we have professional people who know how to manage an abnormal load.

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Sharp Intercontinental Shipping idea of working with satisfied customers is to adapt each shipping, movement or transportation to the customer’s needs. That is why beside our typical standards, we also have policies that allow us to model every process accordingly to the vehicle type and requirements. For that our teams make sure that every customer’s needs are taken into account and every cargo is treated with delicacy and professionalism.

When moving or shipping an extra-large vehicle you have to keep in mind that prior to any step you need to get a written consent from the clearing agency in the country of discharge that states the handling and clearing of the cargo. We are there to assist you in this process. Without this consent it is impossible for the shipping liners to load special equipment or extra-large vehicles.

Everything about this type of shipment is more complicated. So even the paperwork can sometimes be a headache. But Sharp Intercontinental Shipping is ready to help you get rid of the extra stress generated by paperwork. Because we like our customers to have the best time with us, we offer various services including: arrangement of all Police required documentation for transportation modes regarding inland relocation for abnormal cargoes, custom clearance and documentation. We also deal with inland collection and local transportation, loading, lashing, strapping and securing the cargo at your origin port or nearest depot.

Sharp Intercontinental Shipping is a specialist in shipping almost anything, so when we are speaking about abnormal cargo we don’t mean just extra-large vehicles. We can also ship special equipment like oil exploration machinery. In these special cases it is important the type of the cargo. Either it is too long, too high or too wide, the OOG (out of gauge) ratings would ensure the cost to ship your normal truck-front rate to be 4-5 times bigger. Here are some examples of what we understand by large vehicles:

  • Trucks
  • Camper Van
  • Motorhomes
  • Busses
  • Military Vehicles
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Yachts
  • Oil Exploration Machinery / Equipment

In order to better understand the bigger picture, here is an example of a large vehicle shipping:

One of our customers wanted to ship an Iveco Starlis 480 truck from Cape Town Port to an African country. Of course that its dimensions didn’t allow the truck to be loaded in a 40FT container. Maybe you don’t know, but there are OOG-type based penalties queried by the Ship Liner for every special cargo. So in order to proceed with the shipment, we first arranged the legal documentation: requirements for the export permit, SA Police Clearance, RPC forms and everything necessary to clear customs on both sides.

Since the truck was too big, it couldn’t be fit in a 40FT Open-Top container either, so we had to choose a 40FT Flat Rack container. This is basically a large container base to which the cargo is secured. In this case, the vehicle was secured with 5000kg heavy duty 50m long ratchet straps. One of these straps is long enough to allow it to be rolled over the truck multiple times thus adding extra security. Any special equipment is loaded at the end of the vessel and it is non-stackable. For this Iveco truck we had to use a heavy duty weather sail to make it waterproof.

It turned out that in this particular case the Flat Rack shipping method was more affordable than RoRo method and we did not incur the relocation costs from Cape Town Port to its country of destination.

The Open-Top containers are usually used for machinery transportation as they can be loaded via the open top. These containers are made of corrugated steel and have wooden floors that allow a proper secure of the cargo. They are also fitted with a PVC tarpaulin cover and attachable bows with cable sealing devices. The door can swung out, a fact that helps with making the stuffing of the cargo more convenient.

In what concerns the prices you should know that an Open-Top container shipping is the same as a normal 20FT or 40FT container shipping, plus an additional cost charged at the destination. The OOG price depends on the route and destination as it is important whether the container can return with other merchandise or not. If the cargo fits the container and other containers can be loaded above it, the prices are fixed. But in case in which the cargo protrudes the canvas above the container, the prices may vary a lot as there is no possibility of adding other containers on top of it, making the shipment less economic.

The Open-Top containers and Flat Racks are used for tall vehicles like trucks, busses or coaches which don’t fit in a 20FT or 40FT normal container. In Open-Top containers we can also load heavy machinery, the structure of the container allowing the use of a crane and a vertical load instead of a normal one. When it comes to Flat Racks, they can be better used for pipes and machinery as they have no walls, but are fitted with a wooden floor and lash rings on the sides. The Out-of-Gauge container loading has container with or without walls made of steel.

Sharp Intercontinental Shipping needs to have all the information about the cargo that you want to ship along with a picture. Only after we have a good idea about what we are going to move, we can decide which shipping method is best for your cargo and what costs implies that.

Extra-large vehicle shipping actually means large heavy and irregular cargoes which cannot fit into any container with sides or don’t fit to the door entry of a RoRo-type vessel, some of them being used for industrial purposes.

For this type of shipping our offer consists of:

  • Standard container shipping
  • Open-Top container shipping (boats, yachts, large vehicles)
  • Flat Rack shipping (mostly irregular cargo)
  • RoRo shipping (boats, yachts, large vehicles)

International Vehicle Transport & International Shipping Services

In order to carry out international transport of vehicles, International Shipping Services with expertise and contacts are needed. 30 years of experience in the industry of shipping recommend us as a company with comprehensive shipping service. Due to worldwide shipping and professional handling of any cargo, we are a renowned as being one of the best in our domain.

We are there for you whether you want to purchase your dream car or to take it to a trade show. Sharp Intercontinental Shipping handles overseas transport for cars, boats, caravans, motorhomes, motorcycles, buses, trucks, bikes, large vehicles, LCL goods and household goods both for import and export. We are there for you with advice regarding the optimal transportation made accordingly to your specifications.

We ensure professional loading and unloading of your vehicle in containers as separate shipping and affordable additional cargo in consolidated containers that belong to us. Thanks to our good contacts and a high cargo volume, we are able to offer you high departure frequency and low shipping rates.

Sharp Intercontinental Shipping offers for its customers personalized shipping offers. In addition, it is at hand to find out all the details on custom regulations, time of transport and insurance. Thanks to our offices and agents around the world with our company you get professional implementation and zero surprises.

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