Export Permits

Every vehicle that is exported from South Africa requires and export permit that can be released by an authority named ITAC. We also call this paper ITAC permit. When working with us you don’t have to worry about such bothering paperwork. We have a commercial license that can be extended for all our customers. So we can get the permit for you, the fee being included in our rates.

In order to get the export permit there are some documents that must be presented to the authority. Knowing the steps and having strong connections, we can assist you with this process from the very beginning. The steps that must be followed are:

  • The local traffic department will release a 2 page form that is stamped, signed and dated based on your original traffic registration papers, your ID and the request document. Download Example Document
  • Check if the car if it benefits from data dotting. Relatively new cars have already been dotted. In what concerns the older ones can be dotted at most roadworthy centers. Download Example Document
  • The Police Clearance center will release a Police Clearance for Export, a single page form that must include where the car is being exported to. Download Example Document
  • Additional information from the customer regarding the value of the vehicle, the bill of sale/invoice if the car has just been bought or if it is shipped through a dealer, owner ID/Passport. There is the chance that ITAC will request for more documentation, but we will contact you via email in order to obtain it.

We can help you with the entire process only if the car is registered in Cape Town and the customer is Cape Town based. Otherwise you will have to apply for the Request for Police Clearance by yourself. Once all the steps are complete it only takes a few days to get the export permit. And when you have it, the care is ready to be shipped safely anywhere in the world.


International Vehicle Transport & International Shipping Services

In order to carry out international transport of vehicles, International Shipping Services with expertise and contacts are needed. 30 years of experience in the industry of shipping recommend us as a company with comprehensive shipping service. Due to worldwide shipping and professional handling of any cargo, we are a renowned as being one of the best in our domain.

We are there for you whether you want to purchase your dream car or to take it to a trade show. Sharp Intercontinental Shipping handles overseas transport for cars, boats, caravans, motorhomes, motorcycles, buses, trucks, bikes, large vehicles, LCL goods and household goods both for import and export. We are there for you with advice regarding the optimal transportation made accordingly to your specifications.

We ensure professional loading and unloading of your vehicle in containers as separate shipping and affordable additional cargo in consolidated containers that belong to us. Thanks to our good contacts and a high cargo volume, we are able to offer you high departure frequency and low shipping rates.

Sharp Intercontinental Shipping offers for its customers personalized shipping offers. In addition, it is at hand to find out all the details on custom regulations, time of transport and insurance. Thanks to our offices and agents around the world with our company you get professional implementation and zero surprises.

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Call our logistic representative from your shipping country of interest and get a competitive motor car shipping rate.

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