Sharp Intercontinental Shipping is an expert in shipping services, recommended by its more than 30 years of experience. We deal with sea transportation of cars, boats, caravans, motorhomes, motorcycles, buses, trucks, bikes, large vehicles, LCL goods, commercial cargo, removals and personal effects. Our South Africa office is based in Cape Town.

Sharp Intercontinental Shipping works with individuals that either return to South Africa or relocate here. For those who choose to come back to South Africa and need their car or vehicle to be brought along we can offer a door to door service. In case you want to relocate we can make sure that you have all the necessary papers and that your vehicle will arrive safely and in due time.

Our popular routes to South Africa are:

Ships leave for South Africa 1 or 4 times a month. That means that we are working clockwise to make sure your cargo will get in no time at destination.

CAPE TOWN TO UK – Most vehicles depart from Cape Town from where we obtain the necessary permits for export. The ships with our cargo get mostly to ports of Southampton, Felixstowe and London Gateway.

SOUTH AFRICA TO EUROPE – in what concerns Europe, our focus is on ports of Antwerp in Brussels and Rotterdam in Netherlands. From here your vehicle will be land moved to any destination country in Europe.

SOUTH AFRICA TO AUSTRALIA – South Africa citizens who choose to emigrate to Australia usually take their vehicles too. Sharp Intercontinental Shipping ships either from Port of Durban (for RORO services) or from the port of Cape Town from where we ship vehicle in containers. Our containers get in Australia in Sydney Port, Port of Melbourne, Port of Brisbane and Freemantle ports.

CAPE TOWN TO NEW ZEELAND – A wide range of vehicles are being transported to New Zeeland. From scrap cars going over as building projects, to sail and power yachts, motorhomes and cars, all types of vehicles are either exported to New Zeeland or imported to South Africa.

RSA to Africa – We also ship all over African continent in countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Angola, Cotonou, Algiers, Mauretania, Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Mauritius and Mozambique.

South Africa Vehicle shipping services:

  1. RoRo – your vehicle is transported on the deck of a vessel across oceans. This method runs in and out of Port of Durban and most of the time is more cost effective than container shipping. We usually choose RoRo method when a vehicle’s size is not compatible to container shipping.
  2. Containerized Shipping – it is our specialty and over time we have become experts in loading all types of vehicles into containers. Our rates for container shipping are more attractive than RoRo shipping. We ship vehicles in 20 or 40FT containers and 45” high cube containers.

Sharp Shipping transports all types of vehicles oversea:

Cars – sedans, SUVs, bakkies, sport cars, classic cars, vintage cars, race cars, overlander type 4×4’s, trucks and car parts.

Mobile Homes – caravans, campervans, motorhomes, RVs, campers and Winnebago.

Bikes – motorbikes, scramblers, superbikes, scooters, dirt bikes, touring bikes and classic / vintage collectables.

Boats – yachts, catamarans, ski boats, sailboats, watercrafts and fishing boats.

Agricultural Equipment – tools, machinery, rigging, farming, cultivation, harvesting.

LCL – We provide you with various options for LCL Shipping: Less Than a Container Load. You have the option of shipping your personal effects and household goods along with your car shipment and parts. We offer to our customers great ocean freight rates on this type of shipping.

Personal Affects – vehicles fall under personal affects, but we can assist our customers with small LCL goods or FCL (Full Container Loads) where your vehicle is secured along with all other personal goods. For these moves we prefer 20 or 40 FT containers. We make sure that your personal affects get home safe.

PAPERWORK for South African vehicle shipping:

The first step into shipping a vehicle to South Africa is to make sure that your cargo can be transported to the required destination. Only after we have checked this aspect we can proceed to do all the necessary paperwork.

When it comes to administration or knowing the country’s regulations, duties and customs, we rely on Seabrook International. They have branches reciprocal to ours meaning that your cargo will be handled by only one company from packing to unpacking thus avoiding any delays or damages.

Only after the paperwork process is complete we can continue with the shipping procedures.

Let’s see a solid example of shipping a car from South Africa to UK:

  • Process: Contact us in the early stages to find out what you need to know and do.
  • Paperwork: We will need the following paperwork from you to get the process rolling.
    1. ID and Passport
    2. Vehicle registration papers
    3. Confirmation of your address in both countries.
    4. Bill of Sale or Purchase invoice for your vehicle.
  • Export Permit for your vehicle - to obtain an export permit, your vehicle must undergo a Police Clearance, Micro Dotting and traffic registration paperwork. We can complete this whole process for you but we require your vehicle to do so.
  • Then we can start the application process.
  • Once this paperwork has been approved, we can complete a SARS DA 185 on your behalf and then we are issued an ITAC Export Permit.

Only after all these steps are complete we are ready to ship your vehicle. All the steps are highly important and none of them can be skipped. In order to make sure that you are satisfied with our services we:

  • Provide you with all the information and costs
  • Arrange part of the process or the entire shipping process
  • Provide reliable shipping

Sharp Shipping's main warehouse is located in Cape Town, so most of the vehicles are relocated here from all over the country. Although Durban is the largest port in South Africa, we have chosen the port of Cape Town as our main departing/arriving point. Container shipping is more affordable that RoRo shipping. This is one of the main reasons why we choose to relocate the vehicle all the way to Cape Town.

As we have to relocate cars, bikes, boats, motorhomes, caravans, trailers, trucks, agricultural equipment and trailers from around the country to our Cape Town warehouse, we have setup strategic partnerships with many companies. Each vehicle has its own specifications and special requirements and we make sure that your vehicle, no matter the type, is safely shipped to the desired location. In order to minimize risk factors and to have constant feedback from our customers, every movement of the cargo is carefully monitored and documented.

Entrust us to take care of your vehicle while you enjoy the free time you have gained by not having to worry about anything related to shipping.


International Vehicle Transport & International Shipping Services

In order to carry out international transport of vehicles, International Shipping Services with expertise and contacts are needed. 30 years of experience in the industry of shipping recommend us as a company with comprehensive shipping service. Due to worldwide shipping and professional handling of any cargo, we are a renowned as being one of the best in our domain.

We are there for you whether you want to purchase your dream car or to take it to a trade show. Sharp Intercontinental Shipping handles overseas transport for cars, boats, caravans, motorhomes, motorcycles, buses, trucks, bikes, large vehicles, LCL goods and household goods both for import and export. We are there for you with advice regarding the optimal transportation made accordingly to your specifications.

We ensure professional loading and unloading of your vehicle in containers as separate shipping and affordable additional cargo in consolidated containers that belong to us. Thanks to our good contacts and a high cargo volume, we are able to offer you high departure frequency and low shipping rates.

Sharp Intercontinental Shipping offers for its customers personalized shipping offers. In addition, it is at hand to find out all the details on custom regulations, time of transport and insurance. Thanks to our offices and agents around the world with our company you get professional implementation and zero surprises.

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New Zealand: 006499507198

South Africa: 0027213001913

Dubai: 0097143467655

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Call our logistic representative from your shipping country of interest and get a competitive motor car shipping rate.

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