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Sharp Intercontinental Shipping is specialized in vehicle shipping. As Motor Car shipping is an important part of our business, and the volume of cars that we ship around the world has grown over the years, we are able to provide our customers with the best rates on the market. We are one of the best due to our loading and packing technique and the high quality of our professional services.

We ship a wide range of vehicles and the first step for a successful shipment is to know what works best for the type of vehicle you have chosen, your location and needs. Everything depends on the size of the vehicle. That is why it is very important for us to have all the details regarding the vehicle we are about to ship. The first preference is container shipping, but in order to have the best option for you it is necessary to provide us with the size and weight of the vehicle and either it is a runner or a non-runner. In order to have a better idea about what kind of vehicle we are about to ship, a picture of it would be very helpful.

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Sharp Intercontinental Shipping has container packstations located in Dubai, Auckland, Lyttleton, Brisbane, Melbourne, Cape Town, Charleston, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Felixstowe, Antwerp, Malaga, Valencia and Barcelona. In these freight stations we can pack and load up to 6 cars in a 40 FT HQ depending on the size of the cars and the customer’s preferences.

Our 30 years of experience in loading globally is our guarantee. We make sure that every shipment is carefully planned and that it is facilitated in the safest manner. Our guiding lines are safety, integrity and low risk. That is why we are more than happy to offer you insurance options specific to your shipment.

In the case in which your vehicle is not departing from one of our parking stations, we can send a technical representative to plan and supervise the process at the scene. He will also make sure that the vehicle is packed according to our own standards. This special situation appears often when it comes to race teams, museum pieces, non-runners, highly specialized vehicles that must be relocated further than locally, customers that opt to assist the load from their home or business.

Our experience over the years taught us how to best load all sort of vehicles into containers. We believe we can load up to 4 vehicles safely in a 40 FTHQ. But although it seems simple, even loading 2 cars in a container requires expertise and specialized equipment in order to prevent movement along shipping. Our facilities are specialized for vehicles. That means that we have also gain expertise in handling vehicles with relocation, warehouse and general upkeep, not only loading them.

Here you can learn about two types of loading systems that we use in containers.

Wooden Racking Process

In over 30 years of experience we have learned how to develop our own wooden racking system that allows us to load one vehicle above another where the dimensions allow by building secure ramps. Although it seems easy to be done by anyone, we tell you that we spare no expenses on our equipment as we engineered all our structures to support twice the weight of the vehicle. The lashing and tethers that provide lateral support have a braking point high enough to support by themselves the entire weight of the vehicle. And for increased safety we double-up them. In order to make a perfect shipping each vehicle is taken care of from the warehouse all along to the moment of the unpacking. This is a complex process where there is no place for mistakes.

In the gallery below you can see how we use the wooden raking system for container loads.

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R-Rack Systems

The R-Rack System is a relatively new one on the market. Basically it is a steel variable loading system that allows the loading of up to 4 moderate-size vehicles. This system looks and works more like a car lift. The Racks are placed into the ribs of the container walls, they are secured and after that the vehicles are loaded, hoisted, tethered and secured in place. This system allows the loading of the 4 vehicles in a sequence of two over two.

You can better understand the R-Rack System by looking at this short video below.

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Besides container shipping we have two more shipping methods for motor vehicle shipping:

1. RORO (Roll on Roll off)

This represents a specialized type of ship that loads all types of vehicles on its decks. This type of carrier ship is part of our logo. RORO method is chosen when the size of the vehicle we have to ship doesn’t allow container shipping. The disadvantage of RORO shipping method is that it requires specific ports with a special space at the docking area for the vehicles to be driven onto and off the decks. The most important factors when it comes to RORO shipping method are weight and dimensions of the vehicle. Alongside them the customer must provide a photo of the vehicle as well.

All the information about the vehicle you want to ship is vital. If we have all the pieces of the puzzle we can decide which shipping method is best for your vehicle. In order to make a picture of what we are talking about let’s take an example: an Overlander vehicle that is 2.8m high (too high for a container) has roof top racks and tents that can be removed, so we can still use a container to ship it as long as we temporarily remove the racks.

Note that when it comes to RORO method the vehicle must be completely empty of personal goods. One of the advantages of container shipping is that you also have the possibility to pack your vehicle with personal goods. RORO gives the wrong impression that it is the cheapest shipping method, when, in fact, many times the container one is more affordable option. Our container shipping platform, on regular routes between our global branches, gives us the possibility to reduce the price per unit for our customers.

For more details about RORO shipping, visit FAQ section.

2. Break Bulk or General Cargo

This type of shipping is generally used for commercial cargo; it implies individual loading by crane onto the ship hold. We use it for certain types of cargo and routes unless it is imperative. For example if to a certain port there is no RORO service and there is no option for locally relocating the vehicle to another port, we will consider shipping breakbulk.

We will advise you on the best loading and shipping method as well as the most optimal route relying on the information you provide about your vehicle. Rates will vary accordingly. Click here to apply for a rate!


International Vehicle Transport & International Shipping Services

In order to carry out international transport of vehicles, International Shipping Services with expertise and contacts are needed. 30 years of experience in the industry of shipping recommend us as a company with comprehensive shipping service. Due to worldwide shipping and professional handling of any cargo, we are a renowned as being one of the best in our domain.

We are there for you whether you want to purchase your dream car or to take it to a trade show. Sharp Intercontinental Shipping handles overseas transport for cars, boats, caravans, motorhomes, motorcycles, buses, trucks, bikes, large vehicles, LCL goods and household goods both for import and export. We are there for you with advice regarding the optimal transportation made accordingly to your specifications.

We ensure professional loading and unloading of your vehicle in containers as separate shipping and affordable additional cargo in consolidated containers that belong to us. Thanks to our good contacts and a high cargo volume, we are able to offer you high departure frequency and low shipping rates.

Sharp Intercontinental Shipping offers for its customers personalized shipping offers. In addition, it is at hand to find out all the details on custom regulations, time of transport and insurance. Thanks to our offices and agents around the world with our company you get professional implementation and zero surprises.

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Call our logistic representative from your shipping country of interest and get a competitive motor car shipping rate.

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