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Sharp Intercontinental Shipping has more than 10 years of experience in importing and exporting boats worldwide. We are proud that we can offer to our customers the best rates they can find in shipping industry.

Over the years we have moved and transported many boats and from our experience we have learned that the most important aspect about boat shipping is the packaging process. In order to avoid any damage that can occur during shipment, the boat must be packed properly and with certain materials. That is why Sharp Intercontinental Shipping uses modern and efficient packaging techniques. The boats that we ship are either containerized, if the dimensions allow, or sent to destination by RoRo shipping method.

Routes for shipping boats:

  • USA to New Zealand, Australia and United Arab Emirates
  • South Africa to New Zealand and Australia
  • Dubai to worldwide
  • UK to worldwide
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Why choose us to move your boat?

First of all, when it comes to boats we are concerned about risks, safety and cost. That is why we have zero tolerance for any damage. Our high standards and dedicated marine professionals work together to make sure that your boat gets safe to destination. We have prepared for our customers comprehensive insurance, track record and a lot of information regarding the packaging and containerizing. When it comes to safety we make sure that every shipment has attached unpacking instructions as boats are very delicate cargo. Also we have special safety features that ensure a smooth and undamaging shipment and unpacking. Our professional team is ready to inform you about the best rates as we have the most competitive ones.

Because safety is our primarily concern, here at Sharp Intercontinental Shipping we have developed a superior cradle from steel. More accurately, we custom design two cushion support brackets that gives a 12” footprint each that distributes weight evenly across the port side chine. On the bottom of the cradle there is ¾” plywood (ISPM-15) that allows the cradle to slide smoothly across the deck. In order to offer strength to the entire structure, we use tubular steel. Also the cradle made of steel maximizes the space inside the container, an aspect that doesn’t apply for wood. And the best of all, the steel cradle is much cheaper than the wooden rack which gives us the possibility to add other safety features without extra costs.

Among our top clients are:

MasterCraft ChrisCraft

International Vehicle Transport & International Shipping Services

In order to carry out international transport of vehicles, International Shipping Services with expertise and contacts are needed. 30 years of experience in the industry of shipping recommend us as a company with comprehensive shipping service. Due to worldwide shipping and professional handling of any cargo, we are a renowned as being one of the best in our domain.

We are there for you whether you want to purchase your dream car or to take it to a trade show. Sharp Intercontinental Shipping handles overseas transport for cars, boats, caravans, motorhomes, motorcycles, buses, trucks, bikes, large vehicles, LCL goods and household goods both for import and export. We are there for you with advice regarding the optimal transportation made accordingly to your specifications.

We ensure professional loading and unloading of your vehicle in containers as separate shipping and affordable additional cargo in consolidated containers that belong to us. Thanks to our good contacts and a high cargo volume, we are able to offer you high departure frequency and low shipping rates.

Sharp Intercontinental Shipping offers for its customers personalized shipping offers. In addition, it is at hand to find out all the details on custom regulations, time of transport and insurance. Thanks to our offices and agents around the world with our company you get professional implementation and zero surprises.

Spain: 0034910051088

UK: 00442037407794

USA: 0012132610340

Australia: 0061386580569

New Zealand: 006499507198

South Africa: 0027213001913

Dubai: 0097143467655

Large Vehicle International Shipping Services
Container International Shipping Services
LCL Cargo International Shipping Services
Motor Cycle Shipping International Shipping Services
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Motorhome International Shipping Services
Boat International Shipping Services
Car International Shipping Services

Call our logistic representative from your shipping country of interest and get a competitive motor car shipping rate.

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